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why choose slice fiber?

If you’re tired of laggy connections, dropped Zoom calls, long hold times with rude out-of-state agents, and having to argue with the cable company because they've jacked up your rates AGAIN, we share your pain.

Slice is local to Orange County and run by your fellow community members.

We’re familiar with your challenges because we have them, too.

So we're doing things differently. Get blazing-fast and reliable connectivity with no gimmicky promotional rates, long-term contracts, or hassle. It’s a better value, better price, and better experience — backed by friendly support from people who actually care.

Surfing Holidays

why switch providers?

For decades, the cable industry and traditional telecom carriers have poured billions of dollars into acquiring territory while treating customers like commodities and neglecting system upgrades and additional service options that could improve the customer experience.

Slice believes that we all deserve better.

Better value, better service, better internet, better experience.

With Slice's personal concierge services, customization opportunities, and local presence and focus, we put the customer, and the service, back in customer service.

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