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light your business on fiber

Slice Fiber small business and enterprise solutions provide reliable, cost-effective connectivity that allows your company to thrive

Slice Fiber's managed WiFi solution for local businesses allows you to focus on growth, productivity, and profitability with simplified IT needs and enhanced data security, while letting us focus on fueling your business with the power of fiber.

Through the Slice Command app, you control how you slice up your connectivity with a few clicks, getting you quickly back to business.

commercial services

small and medium businesses


Dedicated Employee Network

Point of Sale Network

Private Customer Network

products and pricing customized for your business needs

Slice Fiber's network, powered by Cityside Networks, is designed to provide medium and large business with connectivity possibilities closer to the edge, resulting in data savings, lower latencies, and new revenue streams.


Inquire today with our dedicated enterprise sales team to learn how we can help your business take advantage of these connectivity opportunities. 

enterprise opportunities

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