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Slice Fiber is Orange County's choice for managed WiFi connectivity, putting you back in control of your internet experience with faster speed options, personalized support and services, and more reliable connections through your whole home or business

whole home fiber services

WiFi6 connectivity to every part of your home

equipment included


no service fees

no data

1 Gig  $80

2 Gig  $95

5 Gig  $295

call for custom packages

no long term contracts

no early exit fees

no promo gimmicks

no gimmicks at all, really

now isn't that refreshing?


invested in the local community 

At Slice, we pride ourselves on being a part of the community. Your Orange County neighbors.

We live in the same buildings, on the same streets, in the same cities that you do. We use the same services you do. We want to see the same value, the same quality, the same internet experience you do.


We want choice. We want control. We want real customer support. We want reliable internet.


We want fiber.

And we want to bring it to all of our neighbors, with friendly, concierge-level service.

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